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Why Use OKHomeseller when
Selling For Sale by Owner

When you decide to sell "For Sale by Owner" you have made a decision to sell your home or property without a realtor and outside of the MLS.  It is therefore important that you have an organized method to advertise and promote your property.

The most common ways to advertise real estate are yard signs, newspaper classifieds and the Internet.  All methods are useful and can yield results but by far the most cost effective method that reaches the largest audience is the Internet.

If you are selling For Sale by Owner in the Thompson Okanagan, then OKHomeseller is the most effective method you can use to promote your home and property.   Each listing includes quality photographs and as much information as you want about your property.   The photos and information are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to anyone in the world.

OKHomeseller has high quality photos…
We display your photos prominently. We will straighten, brighten and edit your photos (if needed) to make them look their best.

OKHomeseller has a fast turnaround…
Within two business days you will be on our site and have buyers looking at your property.

OKHomeseller gets the traffic…
We average over 100,000 visits to our site per month.

OKHomeseller has a local presence…
We have yard signs and billboards that make our presence felt.   Our local presence results in positive "word of mouth" advertising.

OKHomeseller is cost effective…
All of our packages are a one time charge that covers your listing on the OKHomeseller website until you sell.  Compare the cost of our service to the cost of the commission charged by a realtor.

Most Importantly…
OKHomeseller provides an organized way to advertise and shop for real estate...

Our site is designed and optimized to advertise "For Sale by Owner" real estate.  We have more For Sale by Owner listings in the Thompson Okanagan than any other site on the Internet.  We have helped more people in Thompson Okanagan sell on their own than any other For sale by Owner website... approximately 60% of the homes listed on OKHomeseller sell on their own.

More Background & Information
on Selling your Home For Sale by Owner

Selling your home without the services of a real estate agent can save you thousands of dollars in commission.  For example, the commission on a $200,000 property (with typical commission rates) would be more than $10,000.

The two main jobs a real estate agent performs for the seller are setting the price for a house and finding prospective buyers.  If you perform these tasks, you can save the real estate commission.

Advertising - For Sale by Owner

The way to find prospective buyers is by advertising your property.  A sign on your lawn is a good start but is limited to passers-by.  Advertising in local papers is also effective but does have certain drawbacks.  Newspaper ads can become costly, provide limited details and are available to a very small audience.  Out-of-town buyers and anyone else without access to the newspaper will never see the ad.

A third option is advertising your home on the Internet.  Real estate agents know the power of the Internet and use it extensively to advertise.  Advertising on the Internet has many advantages: it can be more cost effective, the information is available 24hours a day/7 days a week, you can include color pictures, plenty of details and descriptions and most importantly your ad reaches millions of potential buyers.

Why OKHomeseller ?

1. Our Approach - We make it as EASY as it can be

It doesn't matter if you are computer savvy, have an email address, an Internet connection or even have a computer we provide a HASSLE Free way to advertise your home or property on the Internet.

What we do:

  • We load the photographs, descriptions and other property and contact information that you provide onto the OKHomeseller site
  • We assign you a listing number
  • We advertise the OKHomeseller site in Internet search engines and directories
  • We track the number of visitors to your listing
  • We maintain and host the OKHomeseller site
  • At your request, we will make changes to your listing (free of charge)

2. Our Sign Package

A yard sign is an effective method of advertising that your property is for sale.  Our optional sign packages offer two-sided signs customized with your phone number or custom slide in signs for Condo sale boards.  It is an inexpensive way to let people know your property is for sale.  The sign also tells buyers where to view your property online if they are too shy or too busy or you are not home.  If you already have a sign we have a free decal (that says OKHomeseller.com) that you can stick on your own sign to direct buyers to your property on our site.

3. Our Advertising

We use numerous methods of advertising but the most common way people find us for the first time is "search engines".

Internet search engines (like Google) allow people to find websites/information by searching the Internet using key words.  For example a person could type the key words "Okanagan Real Estate" or "Kelowna For Sale by Owner" into their search engine and see a list of websites that match the keywords they have entered.  With the huge number of real estate sites (FSBO and Realtor Sites) as well as the unpredictability of the keywords entered ("Thompson Okanagan Homes" - generates a totally different list of websites than "Thompson Okanagan Houses") there are no guarantees.

Our favourite method of advertising is also working very well for us - Word of Mouth.

4. Our Site

Our site and the photographs speak for themselves.

When buyers arrive at our site they see a well organized, uncluttered, easy to navigate site.  We don't have bouncing balls, twinkling things advertising other things or any of that other site clutter.

Our site is designed to advertise real estate.  We make it easy for the buyer to find information and photos that showcase your property.

5. Our Appetite

We are hungry.  The timing is right and the technology is in place to make - For Sale by Owner - the best option for buyers and sellers.

We have more FSBO properties in the Thompson Okanagan than any other site on the Internet.  Most importantly - homes & properties are selling as a result of OKHomeseller.

See our Customer Testimonials.


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