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Privacy and Disclaimer

WWW.Okhomeseller.com is the website owned and operated by OKHomeseller Ltd.   OKHomeseller Ltd. is locally owned and operated in Coldstream, BC.

OKhomeseller is an advertising service that allows property owners to advertise their property on the Internet.  All property information on this site has been supplied by the seller and/or property owner and we do not assume any responsibility for errors and/or omissions in the listings.

Information on Okhomeseller is presented to you on an 'as-is' basis.  Okhomeseller makes no representations, warranties or guarantees, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, correctness, or completeness of such information.

Any reliance or action taken on the information, materials and techniques on this web site or any printed publication, are the sole responsibility of the user.   All information on these pages is offered with the understanding that Okhomeseller is strictly a promotional service.   Okhomeseller is not rendering legal, financial, accounting or other professional advice.

OKhomeseller advises potential buyers to evaluate the accuracy of each properties advertised details and current condition, and to consult a lawyer or notary public before signing any documents.

OKhomeseller reserves the right to refuse any ad for any reason at our own discretion. Okhomeseller reserves the right to remove a listing if the property is found to be misrepresented.

If a mistake is made in your advertisement, OKhomeseller's liability is limited to running the same ad with corrections for an additional month.

Similar to other advertising companies, amounts are non refundable if your home sells during the time that you've advertised or if you decide to take your home off the Okhomeseller website.

Okhomeseller does not make any representations or warranties about any website accessed through OKhomeseller.com.  Any such website is independent from Okhomeseller and Okhomeseller has no control over, or responsibility with respect to the information or activities undertaken by any such website.  A link between Okhomeseller.com and another website does not mean that Okhomeseller endorses that website.  OKhomeseller is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites.

Okhomeseller reserves the right to change layout or information within this web site, as well as this disclaimer at any time without notice.


The contact info that we collect consists of your name, phone number(s), email and the address of the property being sold.  Each of these pieces of information is optional for you to provide.  We do not sell or rent this contact information to anyone.

The listing information form collects two types of contact information.  1) The contact information that appears on your listing on the OKHomeseller website.  2) Additional contact info.  You have an option to provide additional contact info over and above what is displayed on your listing in order for OKHomeseller to have other means to contact you.  This additional contact information does not appear on your listing on the OKHomeseller website.

You decide the contact information you provide on your listing.  You can use your full name or just your first name or no name and simply say "Vendor" or "Owner".  You can use the full address of your property or just the street name (without the house number) or be more general and just indicate the area that the property is in - for example "North Glenmore".

We do not provide any of your contact info or any other information about your listing beyond what is available on the OKHomeseller website.  Once your listing has been removed from the OKHomeseller website, none of the information is provided to any third party without your consent or as required by law.  You can remove your listing from the OKHomeseller website at any time, at no charge.

You are permitted to change (or delete) any of your listing and contact information at anytime, free of charge.  Contact us by phone, email or mail to check the accuracy of your listing and contact information and make any changes.  If you have any concern about our use of your information or feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, please contact us.


If you use an email in your contact information there are two problems to be aware of:
1) Junk Mail - you may receive junk mail as a result of using your email address in your contact information.  If you want to keep your email "clean" you might consider using a temporary email address for the selling of your home.  Temporary email addresses can be created at Google, hotmail, etc.  Another option is to not use an email address at all - have potential buyers contact you by phone.
2) Email Scams - email and Internet fraud is generally a disguised attempt to get your personal information or money.  Personal information includes banking information, credit card information, driver's license number, social insurance number, passwords, etc.  Do not provide personal information or send money to anyone contacting you via email.  Talk to your legal representative before entering into any deal involving your home and property.

For more information on email see the page Junk Mail and Email Scams.

Listing Activation and Payment

Once we have your form information and photo(s) we proceed to process the information and photos and activate your listing.  Once your listing is on the OKHomeseller website you are responsible for full payment for your listing.  Even if your listing is on the OKHomeseller website for a short time you are still responsible for full payment.

Contact Information on a Listing

You are responsible for maintaining the contact information on your listing.  If we are unable to contact you through the email or the phone numbers on your listing then neither can interested buyers.  If you cannot be contacted through your contact information we will remove your listing.  If you want to update your contact information and reactivate your listing simply contact us.  Keep in mind that if you are away for an extended period of time you can turn your listing off and then turn it back on when you return (at no charge).

When you sell, we will remove the contact information, mark your listing SOLD and display it with a sold status for 50 days before removing it from the website.

Realtors as the Main Contact for a Listing

We do not allow a realtor as the contact for a listing on OKHomeseller.  We do not prohibit a seller from listing on the MLS and OKHomeseller.  That is a decision to be made/negotiated between the realtor and the seller.  There are many options and alternatives available - discuss with your realtor and legal representative.  OKHomeseller insists that the contact be the seller (property owner) and that the price of the property be the same on OKHomeseller and the MLS.

This page was last updated March 6th, 2016.


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