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Effective Use of Your Listing

The First Month that your property is for sale is typically your best chance to sell - the interest level will be high because your listing is new.  Your listing on OKHomeseller has a "New" status for the first 30 days to help maximize the exposure.  It is important that you take advantage of that first month by making sure your property is properly priced.  If you waste that first month with an overpriced listing it can be more difficult to sell.  See the document "Tips for Sellers" on our Selling page for more discussion of pricing.

When people phone asking you about your home/property, ask them if they have seen your listing on OKHomeseller.com.   If they haven't, tell them the name of the web site and that there is more information on the site.  This can save you time explaining the property countless times, provide more information to the potential buyer and help you avoid spending time talking to and showing your property to buyers that aren't serious.

You will probably get calls from realtors trying to get you to list with them.  Many realtors will also say that OKHomeseller doesn't work, even though two thirds of the properties that advertise on OKHomeseller sell on their own.  They may also question your price or your motives - it is in their best interest to put doubt in your mind.  If you want to reduce these calls, you can add to the bottom of your long description:   "No Realtors Please" or "Realtor Chosen", most realtors will respect your wishes.

Shameless Advertising.  It is important that people find out about the web site and your listing.   Tell friends, relatives and co-workers that your house is on the Internet and tell them how to find it.  People tell people about interesting things and although you might think that someone is obviously not going to buy your property, they may tell someone, who tells someone, that might.   Another avenue you can use is your answering machine message.  Leave the normal part of your message the same but at the end of your message say " and if you are calling about the house, you can find out more information at OKHomeseller.com listing # XXXXX".

A yard sign is important to let people know your property is for sale.  Often times people buy houses by picking the area first and then driving around the area looking for property for sale.  If the OKHomeseller web site is displayed on your sign, potential buyers can check out your property at their convenience.  So if they are shy or you are not home or if they don't have time to stop you are still advertising/selling.  Take a look at our inexpensive sign packages. If you already have a sign that you like, use the stickers that are free with your listing to direct people to your property on the net.  Also consider using a box, plastic folder, or sturdy zip-lock bag to hold feature or hi-lite sheets for those who drive by that may not have access to the internet.

Feature or hi-lite sheets are an important part of selling your home. They are a one or two page summary of your property (usually with one picture).  Hi-lite sheets are a part of standard realtor practice and you should have one as well.  When a potential buyer visits it is important that you hand them something that describes your property.  They can read it, make notes on it and most importantly walk away with it and are less likely to forget about you as a result. You can print feature sheets from your listing on OKHomeseller - use the "Feature Sheet" button on your listing page.  You've taken the time to complete the information, use it to your advantage.

Newspaper advertising works but it is difficult to fully describe your property in three lines of text.  If you are advertising your property in the newspapers as well as on OKHomeseller, direct people to your listing on the site.  At the end of your newspaper ad, tell them to "view online at OKHomeseller.com Listing #XXXXX", or be as brief as "see photos on Okhomeseller.com". When people use the web site in their newspaper ads there is a marked increase in the number of "hits" to their listing.

You can monitor the number of hits/visits to your listing.  At the bottom of the main page of your listing you will see two numbers separated by a dash (for example 752-695).  These numbers will give you an idea of the number of people that are looking at your listing.  These counts are only for your listing.  The two numbers have different meanings.  The first number records how many times your main page is displayed and therefore records general activity. So, if you sit on that page and hit the refresh key on your browser that number will increment by one.  The second number is a more accurate count of the number of visits to your listing.  It is only incremented when someone first comes into your listing or when they go out of your listing, look at other properties, and then come back to your listing.  The second number is a more accurate indication of the interest in your property.

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