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How to List on OKHomeseller

It's Simple

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  • Each listing is created from two parts:
    1. The Listing Information Form - that you fill out
    2. Photos of the home/property - the photos are taken by us or supplied by you
  • This page explains our packages and prices, at the bottom of the page is the link to the Listing Information Form.
  • No credit card information is required when filling in the form, we will make arrangements for payment later.

We Do the Rest!

  • We will set up an appointment to take digital photos of your home (if necessary).
  • We review and format the form information describing your property.
  • We add your listing to OKhomeseller.com (within two business days).
  • For "drive-by" exposure check out our optional Sign Packages.


  • These prices are a one-time charge, not a monthly charge.  There is no commission or any other additional charge when you sell.
  • All of the OKHomeseller packages are "good until you sell" or you tell us to take it off.   (We do not offer short term packages for a lower price.)
  • There is no charge for changes to your listing.  You can change the price (up or down), descriptions, etc - all at no additional charge.  As well - you are able to turn your advertisement off and on as you need to - again at no additional charge. We also include one set of photo changes (your photos) at no additional charge.
  • When you sell, we will remove the contact information, mark your listing SOLD and display it with a sold status for 30 days before removing it from the website.
  • If none of these packages meet your needs, call or email us to discuss your situation.

Flat Fee REALTOR.ca Option

  • A Flat Fee REALTOR.ca listing is optional and is an additional charge - over and above the OKHomeseler package prices listed below.
  • Only available on packages A thru D below.
  • The rules and restrictions for the Flat Fee REALTOR.ca Option are different than the rules and restrictions for the OKHomeseller packages.
  • Visit this page Flat Fee REALTOR.ca Option for more information.
  • If you want to add the Flat Fee REALTOR.ca Option to your OKHomeseller package (or you have questions), you can specify that on the Listing Information Form (below) when you fill it in.

OKHomeseller Packages

A) Photo Tour Package:

  • 649.00 (+Tax)
  • Includes a visit from an Okhomeseller photographer to take the feature photo and additional photos.
  • We prepare the description to go with each photo, you can change the photo descriptions if you wish.
  • Subject to photographer availability.

B) Econo Package:

  • 449.00 (+Tax)
  • You provide up to five photos.  You can email us the photos (in jpeg format) or if your photos are not digital, you can put them in an envelope and mail them to us.
  • You will also need to write a short description (one or two sentences) to go with each photo.
  • When you fill out and submit the Listing Information Form (found below) you will immediately receive a confirmation email with all of the information you entered.  We will also send you a second email letting you know what to do next.  This second email will tell you to attach the photos, tell you the amount due and payment options and make arrangements for the sign (if required).  Note that you cannot attach your photos to the Listing Information Form.
  • If you are mailing your photos and want them returned, please include a self-addressed-stamped envelope.
  • Note that you can add up to four additional photos to the five included in the Econo Package for a cost of 10.00 (+Tax) for each additional photo.

C) Link Package:

  • 399.00 (+Tax)
  • This package is available for sellers that already have a web site created for their property.
  • On your OKHomeseller listing will be a "hot" link to your website.
  • Includes one feature picture, provided by you (or we can pull the feature photo form your web site).
  • Note that we will not link to a competitor's website.

D) One Photo Package:

  • 399.00 (+Tax)
  • Designed for small housing units, lots or any real estate where one picture tells the story.
  • You supply the feature photo for the listing.

E) Multiple Unit/Development Package:

  • 799.00 (+Tax)
  • This package is designed for multiple units that are similar or are in the same development.  Typical examples would be building lots in a specific location or a condo development.
  • The price includes a link to your website (if you have one) and any changes required as the development progresses.
  • The price assumes that you will provide the photos, graphics, maps, etc.

Add My Home!

Before you fill in the Listing Information Form you should consider:
  • Sign Packages - if you want a sign for your property then you should take a look at the sign packages we offer and decide which sign works best for you.
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  • Fill in the  Listing Information Form  on-line or print out the form to fill in by hand.
  • No credit card information is required when filling in the form, we will make arrangements for payment later.
  • Still have questions?   Call us at 250-545-2383 or toll free at 1-877-291-7576   or   email us at info@OKhomeseller.com

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